Descargar mapchooser amxx compile

Aqui tienes el link para descargarlo Segundo instalas el amxmodx ya sabes next next next Cuando acabe debes de asegurarte que este marcada la casilla de run amx ServerSide Modding (AMX Mod X, Metamod, and SourceMod), CSDM and SuperHero hosted MapChooser Extended (Updated The Get Plugin link will not work because the plugins requires to compile.

Attached Files. mapchooser. CheapSuit Mapchooser code AMXX Def Team Some code from mapchooser Notes 1. You have to compile it on your local machine.

Because the webcompiler isn't updated. 2. AMX Mod X is a Metamod plugin which allows you to write modifications for HalfLife with Small scripting language. It provides ingame administration tools. Para cambiar este plugin, cambiar el cvar amxbloodcolorizer Descargar Plug in Descargar Sma mapchooser. amxx; allows to vote for next map timeleft.

amxx. compile. exe. 100 KB compile. sh. 491 compiled admin. amxx. 19 KB mapchooser. amxx. 10 KB mapsmenu. amxx. 20 KB menufront. amxx. 17 KB miscstats. amxx. 22 KB Qung file. sma bn mi Down v vo mc, chy file compile.

exe, sau khi kt thc, vo mapchooser. amxx. Amx 2006: Bueno para poner mapchooser. amx; EN CASO DE TENER EL ARCHIVO SMA Y NO EL ARCHIVO AMX LO QUE TIENEN QUE HACER ES COMPILAR EL ARCHIVO SMA Informations: This plugin allows an admin with the ADMINRCON flag to execute client commands to a specified player, a team or all players. The amxshowclcmds cvar.